Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Solar Water Heating

Explaining Solar Water Heating and DIY Instructions

This is an innovative technology which uses sunlight to heat water and is highly efficient! It may be hard to believe that there may be simple methods of heating water all year round using sunlight with inexpensive parts.

Horace-Bénédict de Saussure was the first person to ever devise a means to heat water with solar energy, his work on this was done in the 1760s. He was also the first person to observe the greenhouse effect that occurs when sunlight passes through glass.


There are five general terms used to describe today's Solar Water Heating systems; direct, indirect, passive, active and batch.

A direct system heats the water to be used inside of the solar collector while an indirect system heats a pipe full of liquid to warm a tank of water.

Passive systems allow the natural flow of convection to circulate through the system and active systems use pumps.

Batch systems are comprised of a tank that sits inside of a solar collector, typically using the passive system.

Here's more general information about the types of solar water heating systems.

The solar collectors come in four main types; flate plate, thermosyphon, batch and evacuated tube.
The following link is an example of a Flat Plate Solar Water Collector, they are similar in design to Photovoltaic Solar Panel Collectors. Though these do the job in warmer climates they are rather inefficient for winter heating.

Here is a video concerning Thermosyphon Collectors.

DIY Thermosyphon Collector.

Here is an informational study in pdf format about them.

A video about a Batch Solar Collector.

DIY Batch Solar Collector.

Informational guide on Batch Solar in pdf format.

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors are by far the most efficient collectors, known to heat water to 30 degrees celsius though the temperature outside is -30 celsius! They contain pipes of liquid inside of vacuum tubes which insulate the liquid from outside temperatures.

A video explaining these collectors.
DIY evacuated tubes!

Informational pdf document on tests.

more information on diy evacuated tube solar collectors

this guide is a compilation of snippets taken from our solar water heating album

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