Monday, June 16, 2014

Hugelkultur Garden Beds

Hugelkultur Garden Beds

What if you could use the natural landscape to provide food for your crops and create an environment that needs less water and less added nutrients? Hugelkultur is a planting method that involves using recycled waste from the local environment such as tree branches and sticks to create garden beds that create a water-rich planting surface that will last for years.

Hugelkultur garden beds (and hugelkultur ditches and swales) using the same principle to:
-Help retain moisture on site
-Build soil fertility
-Improve drainage
-Use woody debris that is unsuitable for other use

Art and Science of Hugelkultur beds

How to build your own Hugelkultur beds

In-depth guide to hugelkultur

Hugelkultur potatoes

Harnessing Hugelkultur

Using woody waste in composting

Hugelkulture - Permaculture on a budget

Hugelkulture beds in Dayton, MT

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