Sunday, March 26, 2017


 Gas in Nano State - GANS

Heart to Humanity, Ep 1 - The Application of Plasma Technology in Agriculture - April 17, 2017

Wayne R. Wangler shares his information and experience with Many Hands 4 Peace, 
Whitney Fisher and Nikki Darwin in Heart to Humanities first Episode.

Experimental test results show how the Keshe Gans plasma water significantly improves plant growth.

This video is an extract from the 107th Knowledge Seekers Workshop which can found here .
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Plasma Activated Water might certainly be nature's answer to chemical pesticides.  Think of what this may mean for not only us but  all life on this planet.  Learning more about earth's ability to heal itself may lead us to the answers of how to better heal ourselves.

Paul Leenders explains the potential here in his  TEDx Talk below.

By growing food with pesticides, poison enters our foodchain. We're actually eating these chemicals. Peter Leenders thinks Plasma Activated Water is a clean and sustainable alternative for chemical pesticides.